APIDeploymentOption Class - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

Deployment options configure both DHCP and DNS services on the network. They are available as DHCP client and service options, as well as standard DNS options. Deployment options support the standard object functions.

Value Description
id the database ID of the option in Address Manager.
type the option type listed in Option Types. This field cannot be null.
name the name of the option.
value the single- or multiple-field value of the option; multiple values are comma-separated. This field cannot be null.
properties a string containing additional properties. This is used for user-defined fields on most objects, but also passes some values that do not have their own specific parameter.
Note: When adding the DDNS hostname option, you need to specify the value in the following format: [Type], [Position], [Data] for IP and MAC type, and [Type], [Data] for FIXED type.


  • Type—type of DDNS hostname. The possible values are


    DHCPServiceOptionConstants.DDNS_HOSTNAME_TYPE_MAC, or


  • Position—specify where you wish to add the data value to the IP or MAC address. The possible values are DHCPServiceOptionConstants.DDNS_HOSTNAME_POSITION_PREPEND, or DHCPServiceOptionConstants.DDNS_HOSTNAME_POSITION_APPEND. This is only required for IP or MAC type with Data.
  • Data—For IP and MAC address, this value is used to be prepended or appended to the IP address or MAC address. For FIXED type, this value must be specified and will be used for the DDNS hostname. This is optional for IP and MAC type.
When adding the DDNS update style, you must specify the value in the following format: