Add Access Control List (ACL) - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Adds an Access Control List to a view.

Output / Response

Returns the object ID for the new ACL object.

API Call:

long addACL( long configurationId, String name, String properties )
Parameter Description
configurationId The object ID of the configuration on which ACL need to be added.
name The name of the ACL.
properties A string containing the comma-separated list of options in the following format:
aclValues=IP4Address, IP6Address, IP4Network’s CIDR, IP6Network’s CIDR, ACL’s name, 
TSIG key’s name, Predefined BIND ACL values
  • IP4Address—the IPv4 address.
  • IP6Address—the IPv6 address.
  • IP4Network’s CIDR—the CIDR notation defining the IPv4 network.
  • IP6Network’s CIDR—the CIDR notation defining the IPv6 network.
  • ACL’s name—the name of the ACL (Example: acl aclName).
  • TSIG key’s name—the name of the TSIG key (Example: key TSIGName).
  • Predefined BIND ACL values—Example: ‘none’, 'any', 'localhost', 'localnets' or 'All', 'None', 'Local Host', 'Local Networks'.
Note: Use an exclamation mark (!) to exclude a certain option. For example, !none, !acl aclName, !10/ 24, etc.