Add Bulk Host Records - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

Adds host records using auto-increment from the specific starting address.

This method will add the record under a zone. In order to add records under templates, you must use Add Entity for Resource Records.

This method adds host records to a zone linked to a DNS naming policy, each with an IP address auto-incremented starting from a specific address in a network.

Output / Response

Returns an array of host record APIEntity objects based on available addresses and number of IP addresses required. If no addresses are available, an error will be shown.

API call:

APIEntity[] addBulkHostRecord ( long viewId, String absoluteName, long ttl, long networkId, String startAddress, int numberOfAddresses, String properties)
Parameter Description
viewId The object ID for the parent view to which this record is being added.
absoluteName The FQDN for the host record. If you are adding a record in a zone that is linked to a incremental Naming Policy, a single hash (#) sign must be added at the appropriate location in the FQDN. Depending on the policy order value, the location of the single hash (#) sign varies.
ttl The time-to-live value for the record. To ignore the ttl, set this value to -1.
networkId The network which to get the available IP addresses. Each address is used for one host record.
startAddress The starting IPv4 address for getting the available addresses.
numberOfAddresses The number of addresses.
properties excludeDHCPRange=true/false, if true then IP addresses within a DHCP range will be skipped. This argument can also contain user-defined fields.