Add DHCP Match Classes - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Adds DHCP match classes to Address Manager.

Output / Response

Returns the object ID of the new DHCP match class added.

API Call:

long addDHCPMatchClass ( long configurationId, String name, String matchCriteria, String properties )
Parameter Description
configurationId The object ID of the configuration to which the DHCP match class is being added.
name The name of the DHCP match class.
matchCriteria A string defining the match criteria. The value must be one of the constants listed in DHCP Class Match Criteria.
properties A string containing the following properties and values:
  • description—a description of the match class.
  • matchOffset—Match Offset value for the MatchClass. It refers to the point where the match should begin.
  • matchLength—Match Length value for the Matchclass. It refers to the number of characters to match.
  • customMatchRawString—a raw string that maps directly to a data or boolean expression for DHCP_CLASS_CUSTOM_MATCH and DHCP_CLASS_CUSTOM_MATCH_IF constants. Use the syntax and grammar supported by the ISC’s DHCP daemon. End the string with a “;” semicolon. If you omit the semicolon, one is automatically added when the condition is deployed.
    • matchOffset and matchLength are only applicable to the following five constants:
    • matchOffset and matchLength must be specified together.