Add DHCP6 Service Option - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Adds DHCPv6 service options.

Output / Response

Returns the object ID for the new option.

API call:

long addDHCP6ServiceDeploymentOption ( long entityId, String name, String value, String properties )
Parameter Description
entityId The object ID for the entity to which the deployment option is being added.
name The name of the DHCPv6 service option being added. This name must be one of the constants listed in DHCP6 Service Options.
value The value being assigned to the option.
Note: When adding the DDNS hostname option, you need to specify the value in the following format: [Type],[Data] for IP and DUID. Where:
  • Type—type of DDNS hostname. The possible values are DHCPServiceOptionConstants.DDNS_HOSTNAME_TYPE_IP, DHCPServiceOptionConstants.DDNS_HOSTNAME_TYPE_DUID.
  • Data—For IP and DUID, this value is used to form the DDNS hostname. This is optional.
Note: Depending on the type of deployment option being added, the format of the value might differ. For more information, refer to Reference: Deployment Option value formats.
properties Adds object properties, including user-defined fields.