Add NAPTR Record - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Adds NAPTR records.

This method will add the record under a zone. In order to add records under templates, you must use Add Entity for Resource Records.

Output / Response

Returns the object ID for the new NAPTR resource record.

API Call:

long addNAPTRRecord( long viewId, String absoluteName, int order, int preference, String service, String regexp, String replacement, String flags, long ttl, String properties )
Parameter Description
viewId The object ID for the parent view to which this record is added.
absoluteName The FQDN for the record. If you are adding a record in a zone that is linked to a incremental Naming Policy, a single hash (#) sign must be added at the appropriate location in the FQDN. Depending on the policy order value, the location of the single hash (#) sign varies.
order Specifies the order in which NAPTR records are read if several are present and are possible matches. The lower ordervalue takes precedence.
preference Specifies the order in which NAPTR records are read if the ordervalues are the same in multiple records. The lower preferencevalue takes precedence.
service Specifies the service used for the NAPTR record. Valid settings for this parameter are listed in ENUM Services.
regexp A regular expression, enclosed in double quotation marks, used to transform the client data. If a regular expression is not specified, a domain name must be specified in the replacement parameter.
replacement Specifies a domain name as an alternative to the regexp. This parameter replaces client data with a domain name.
flags An optional parameter used to set flag values for the record.
ttl The time-to-live value for the record. To ignore the ttl, set this value to -1.
properties Adds object properties, including comments and user-defined fields.