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This section lists changed API methods for Java users.

Address Manager API methods will no longer return or accept an array element such as APIEntity[] and APIDeploymentOption[].

An array element has been replaced by an array object. Refer to the following table for the list of array elements replaced:
Array element Replaced array object
APIEntity[] APIEntityArray
APIAccessRight[] APIAccessRightArray
APIDeploymentOption[] APIDeploymentOptionArray
APIDeploymentRole[] APIDeploymentRoleArray
APIUserDefinedField[] APIUserDefinedFieldArray

Input type example

An array element ([]) input type has been changed to an array object. For example, long[] can be replaced with LongArray. Refer to the following code example:
// Create array[] element containing actual values that need to be send in request
Long[] subBlockIds = { subblock1Id, subblock2Id };
// Create new Array object
LongArray subBlocks = new LongArray();
// Add values in array element in Array object
subBlocks.getItem().addAll( Arrays.asList( subBlockIds ) );
// send Array object as part of request.
service.mergeBlocksWithParent( subBlocks );

Return type example

An array element ([]) return type has been changed to an array object. For example, APIEntity[] is replaced with APIEntityArray. Refer to the following code example:
// Get the Array object from the response
APIEntityArray apiEntityArray = service.getEntities( configId, ObjectTypes.IP4Block, 0, 10 );
// Get actual values in Array object as list
List<APIEntity> apiEntities = apiEntityArray.getItem();
// Iterate through above list to get APIEntity object
for( APIEntity apiEntity : apiEntities )
	printEntity( apiEntity );