Changes in behavior - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.0

Address Manager API Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

The Address Manager API includes the following changes in behavior:

Added support for CAA resource records

The addGenericRecord API method has been updated to support the Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) generic resource record type.

Resolved issues

An error related to the same FQDN in multiple resource records has been resolved.

Issue - Previously, when using the following API methods, if there is the same FQDN assigned to a normal resource record and an external record, an error was triggered:
  • addAliasRecord()
  • addSRVRecord()
  • addMXRecord()
  • addResourceRecord() for CNAME, SRV, and MX
Resolved - In Address Manager v8.3.0, when there are normal resource records such as Host and CNAME, and external host records using the same FQDN, the normal resource records will take precedence over external host records and will be used to create link records such as CNAME, SRV, and MX.
Note: When there are multiple normal resource records with the same FQDN, an error will be triggered.