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BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager API v9.1.0 includes the following changes:

  • Starting in Address Manager API v9.1.0, the assignOrUpdateTemplate and reapplyTemplate APIs have been repurposed only for DNS zone templates. They were previously used for both DNS zone and IPv4 network templates.
  • Starting in Address Manager API v9.1.0, the renderAsRadioButton user-defined field has been deprecated to simplify the process of adding and editing user-defined fields.
  • Starting in Address Manager API v9.1.0, DDW and Managed Windows Servers are end of life and no longer supported. You cannot add new DDW or Managed Windows Servers using the Address Manager v9.1.0 API. The following constants have been removed and are no longer available:
    The following API method has also been removed and is no longer available:
    • importServer
  • Starting in Address Manager API v9.1.0, the generic delete method for IPv4 addresses cannot be used to delete a gateway address. Using the delete method with the gateway's object ID will only delete certain links to the gateway address. For more information, refer to IPv4 address generic methods