Configure Replication - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.1

Address Manager API Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Enables database replication on a remote system in order to automate the setup of replication between two or three Address Manager systems. This API method must be run against the Address Manager system that will be primary.

Output / Response


API Call:

void configureReplication( String standbyServer, boolean compressReplication, long replicationQueueThreshold, long replicationBreakThreshold, String properties )
Parameter Description
standbyServer The IP address of the standby server.
Note: The standby server must be accessible from the primary server and must have database access from the primary server. To enable database access, refer to the Configuring database replication section in the Address Manager Administration Guide.
compressReplication The boolean value. Set to true to compress the database replication files.
Note: Compressing database replication files is a resource-intensive process that might affect system performance. Use caution when performing this action.
replicationQueueThreshold A value to specify the threshold size of the replication directory in megabytes (MB). The valid values are in the range of 16 to 99999999.
replicationBreakThreshold A value to specify the threshold size of the replication break in gigabytes (GB). The valid values are in the range of 5 to 30. This value multiplied by 1024 must be greater than the value of replicationQueueThreshold.
properties A string containing the following property:
  • secondStandbyServer—the IP address of the second standby server. This is optional.
Note: Any property string other than secondStandbyServer option will be ignored.