DNS Raw Option - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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The DNS raw option allows you to add options to the DNS service in a raw format that gets passed to the service when deployed. Address Manager does not perform any data checking on raw options. You must ensure that the syntax for these options is correct.

Raw options assigned to a parent object are not inherited by child objects. For example, an option set at a parent zone is not inherited by a child zone. However, raw options assigned to a server group are inherited only by the servers that are linked to that server group.

DNS raw options can be set at the following levels:
  • Server
  • Server group
  • DNS View
  • DNS zone
  • Root zone
  • ENUM zone
  • Zone template
  • IPv4 block
  • IPv4 network
  • IPv4 network template
  • IPv6 block
  • IPv6 network
Note: DNS raw options cannot be configured for Windows servers.

To add or update DNS raw deployment options, refer to Add Raw Deployment Option and Update Raw Deployment Option.