Enabling SSL in Java Clients - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

Steps to enable SSL for Java clients.

Follow these Before beginning, ensure that the Java Development Kit is installed on the client workstation.

  1. On Address Manager, enable HTTPS support. For instructions on enabling SSL on Address Manager, refer to HTTPS in Chapter 10: Appliance Settings in the Address Manager Administration Guide.
  2. On the client workstation, create a directory to hold the keystore.
  3. On Address Manager, locate the /data/server/conf/server.cert file, and then copy it to the keystore directory on your client workstation. If SSH is enabled on Address Manager, use an SSH client to copy the file.
  4. On the client workstation, navigate to the keystore directory. Ensure that the directory contains the server.cert file.
  5. Execute the following command: javaHomePath/bin/keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias ProteusAPI -file server.cert -keystore client.ks -storepass bluecat
  6. Ensure that a client.ks file has been generated and appears in the keystore directory.
  7. Delete the server.cert file from the keystore directory on the client workstation.
  8. When connecting to service, use the following command to call the ProteusAPIUtils.connect() method: ProteusAPIUtils.connect(IPAddress, true, pathToClientKeystore\\client.ks); where IPAddress is the IP address of the Address Manager server, and pathToClientKeystore is the path to the keystore directory on the client workstation.