GET request example - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

All get related API methods use the GET method in REST API. In this example, getDNSDeploymentOption will be used to retrieve the DNS option.

API call example:
URL path:
  • /getDNSDeploymentOption
Parameter Description
entityId The object ID for the entity to which this deployment option is assigned.
name The name of the DNS option.
serverId Specifies the server to which this option is assigned. To retrieve an option that has not been assigned to a server role, set this value to 0(zero).
HTTP Header:
  • Authorization: BAMAuthToken: UTtSjMTQ1ODAzMTgzMDUxMzphcGk=
  • Content-Type: application/json


A JSON (as defined in WADL) containing details of the DNS deployment option.
           "id": 100979,
           "type": "DNS",
           "name": "allow-ddns",
           "value": "any", 
           "properties": "inherited=false|"