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BlueCat Address Manager

Updating Objects

void update ( APIEntity entity )

All extensions of this method in this table list only mutable parameters.

Update with Options void updateWithOptions ( APIEntity entity, String options )
Deleting Objects void delete ( long objectId )
Delete with Options void deleteWithOptions ( long objectId, String options )
Get Entity by Name APIEntity getEntityByName ( long parentId, String name, String type )
Get Entity by ID APIEntity getEntityById ( long id )
Get Entities APIEntity[] getEntities ( long parentId, String type, int start, int count )
Get Parent APIEntity[] getParent( long entityId )
Get Entities by Name APIEntity[] getEntitiesByName ( long parentId, String name, String type, int start ,int count )
Get Entities by Name Using Options APIEntity[] getEntitiesByNameUsingOptions ( long parentId, String name, String type, int start ,int count, String options )
Get MAC Address APIEntity[] getMACAddress ( long configurationId, String macAddress )
Get Linked Entities APPIEntity[] getLinkedEntities ( long entityId, String type, int start, int count )
Custom Search APIEntity[] customSearch ( String[] filters, String type, String[] options, Integer start, Integer count )
Search by Category APIEntity[] searchByCategory ( String keyword, String category, int start, int count )
Search by Object Types APIEntity[] searchByObjectTypes ( String keyword, String types, int start, int count )