Get Deployment Options - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Retrieves deployment options for Address Manager DNS and DHCP services.

Output / Response
Returns all deployment options assigned to the specified object including inherited options from higher-level parent objects. If an option is inherited and overridden, then only the overriding option will be returned.
Note: Multiple raw options with long values can cause longer than normal processing time when returning the values.

API Call:

APIDeploymentOption[] getDeploymentOptions( long entityId, String optionTypes, long serverId )
Parameter Description
entityId The object ID of the entity to which the DNS or DHCP deployment option is assigned.
optionTypes The type of deployment options. Multiple options can be separated by a | (pipe) character. This value must be one of the following items:
  • DNSOption
  • DNSRawOption
  • DHCPRawOption
  • DHCPV6RawOption
  • DHCPV4ClientOption
  • DHCPV6ClientOption
  • DHCPServiceOption
  • DHCPV6ServiceOption
  • VendorClientOption
  • StartOfAuthority
For complete list of Option Types and Object Types constants, refer to Option Types and Object Types.
  • If Invalid deployment option types or invalid strings are specified, the API execution will fail and return the error message: "Invalid deployment option found". For example, if the user passes DHCPv6ClientOption for IPv4 networks, it will return this error message as DHCPv6 client options are not a valid for IPv4 networks.
  • If specified as an empty string (""), all deployment options for the specified entity will be returned.
  • Depending on the type of DNS deployment option being retrieved, the format of the value might differ. For more information, refer to Reference: Deployment Option value formats.
serverId The specific server or server group to which options are deployed. The valid values are as follows:
  • >0—returns only the options that are linked to the specified server ID.
  • <0—returns all options regardless of the server ID specified.
  • =0—returns only the options that are linked to all servers.