Get Entities by Name Using Options - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Returns an array of entities that match the specified name and object type. Searching behavior can be changed by using the options.

Output / Response

Returns an array of entities. The array is empty if there are no matching entities.

API call:

APIEntity[] getEntitiesByNameUsingOptions ( long parentId, String name, String type, int start, int count, String options )
Parameter Description
parentId The object ID of the parent object of the entities to be returned.
name The name of the entity.
type The type of object to be returned. This value must be one of the object types listed in Object Types.
start Indicates where in the list of returned objects to start returning objects. The list begins at an index of 0. This value cannot be null or empty.
count The maximum number of objects to return. The default value is 10. This value cannot be null or empty.
options A string containing options. Currently the only available option is ObjectProperties.ignoreCase. By default, the value is set to false. Setting this option to true will ignore the case-sensitivity used while searching entities by name.

ObjectProperties.ignoreCase = [true | false]