Get Key Signing Key - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Returns a string containing all active Key Signing Keys (KSK) for a given entityId value in a specified output format with its start time and expire time, divided by a delimiter (|). The list of returned KSKs is sorted in descending order by expiry date.

Output / Response
Returns a string containing up-to two active KSK(s) of an entity in the following format:
KSK in specified format|create time|expire time.

API Call:

String[] getKSK( long entityId, String format )
Parameter Description
entityId The object ID of the entity associated with the KSK. The only supported entity types are Zone, IPv4 block, and IPv4 network.
format The output format of the KSK of an entity. The value must be one of the constants listed in DNSSEC Key Format.