Get Next Available IP Ranges - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Returns the object IDs for the next available (unused) blocks or networks within a configuration or block.

Output / Response

Returns consecutive matching IPv4 range object IDs. If the next available ranges do not exist and you have set the autoCreate property to true, new IPv4 ranges will be created and their object IDs will be returned.

API call:

APIEntity[] getNextAvailableIPRanges ( long parentId, long size, String type, int count, String properties )
Parameter Description
parentId The object ID of the parent object under which the next available range resides (Configuration or Block).
size The size of the range, expressed as a power of 2.
type The type of the range object to be fetched. Currently only IPv4 network is supported.
count The number of networks to be found.
Note: If the number of networks count is greater than 1:
  • isLargerAllowed and traversalMethod properties will not be applicable.
  • The DEPTH_FIRST methodology will be used to search objects.
properties The string containing the following properties and values:
  • reuseExistingTrue or False. This Boolean value indicates whether to search existing empty networks to find the available IP range of specified size.
  • isLargerAllowedTrue or False. This Boolean value indicates whether to return larger networks than those specified with the sizeparameter.
  • autoCreateTrue or False. This Boolean value indicates whether the next available IP range should be created in the parent object if it does not exist.
  • traversalMethod—This parameter identifies the appropriate search algorithm to find the suitable object. The possible values are:
    • DEPTH_FIRST—will attempt to find the next range under the specified object by iteratively through its children one by one. After exploring the object recursively for its child ranges, it will move to the next child object.
Note: If a value is not provided for the following parameters: reuseExisting and autoCreate, the default values will be as follows: reuseExisting = false and autoCreate = true.