Get Next Available Network - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

returns the object ID for the next available (unused) network within a configuration or block.

Output / Response

Returns the object ID for the existing next available IPv4 network or, if the next available network did not exist and autoCreate was set to true, the newly created IPv4 network.

API call:

long getNextAvailableIP4Network ( long parentId, long size, boolean isLargerAllowed, boolean autoCreate )
Parameter Description
parentId The object ID of the network’s parent object.
size The size of the network, expressed as a power of 2. The size represents the number of hosts on the network. For example, if you are to find or create a /24 network, the size would be 256.
isLargerAllowed This Boolean value indicates whether to return larger networks than those specified with the size parameter.
autoCreate This Boolean value indicates whether the next available network should be created if it does not exist.