IPv4 Blocks - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

Add IPv4 Block by CIDR long addIP4BlockByCIDR ( long parentId, String CIDR, String properties )
Add IPv4 Block by Range long addIP4BlockByRange ( long parentId, String start, String end, String properties )
Add Parent Block void addParentBlock ( long[] blockOrNetworkIDs )
Add Parent Block with Properties long addParentBlockWithProperties ( long[] blockOrNetworkIDs String properties )
Get IP Range by IP Address APIEntity getIPRangedByIP ( long containerId, String type, String address )
Get IPv4 Block by CIDR APIEntity getEntityByCIDR ( long parentId, String cidr, String type )
Get IPv4 Block by Range APIEntity getEntityByRange ( long parentId, String address1, String address2, String type )
Merge Blocks with Parent void mergeBlocksWithParent ( long[] blockIDs )
Merge Selected Blocks or Networks void mergeSelectedBlocksOrNetworks ( long[] blockOrNetworkIds, long blockOrNetworkToKeep )
Move IPv4 Object void moveIP4Object ( long objectId, String address )
Move IP Object void moveIP4Object ( long objectId, String address, String options )
Resize Range void resizeRange ( long objectId, String range, String options )
Update IPv4 Block void update ( APIEntity entity )
IPv4 Block Generic Methods void delete ( long objectId )