IPv6 - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

State Description
UNALLOCATED Available and unassigned IP address for DNS or DHCP.
STATIC Statically assigned hosts and only used for DNS purposes.
DHCP_ALLOCATED Dynamically assigned through DHCP to the given MAC address.
DHCP_FREE Dynamically assigned through DHCP but are now in a free or unallocated state.
DHCP_RESERVED Represent DHCP reservations, and may yet be assigned to a host. These addresses can be inside or outside of a DHCP range.
DHCP_LEASED Used in a DHCP lease.
RESERVED Reserved for future use. While reserved, the address cannot be assigned a DNS hot name and cannot be deployed to DHCP.
GATEWAY Network gateway (router) addresses.