Implementating API sessions - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.2.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

Sessions in the Address Manager API are implemented as Perl or Java programs, or accessed directly through the web service.

Generally, these sessions log in, perform a function, and then log out again. Provided the script is successful, the next script then logs in, performs its function, and then logs out.

  1. Connect to the Address Manager server.
  2. Log in.
  3. Get the initial configuration, user, group, or tag group object and proceed to step 4, or retrieve a specific object by name or ID using getEntity and proceed to step 7.
  4. Use getEntities to find the children of the initial object.
  5. Use getEntities or a less generic method to select a single entity.
  6. Add a child object or affect the current object.
  7. Log out.

Variations on this pattern are possible, provided the API implementation can provide sufficient information to retrieve the required objects.