Location - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

Object Type Properties Read-only/Updatable
Location code = The hierarchical location code consists of a set of 1 to 3 alpha-numeric strings separated by a space. The first two characters indicate a country, followed by next three characters which indicate a city in UN/LOCODE. New custom locations created under a UN/LOCODE city are appended to the end of the hierarchy. For example, CA TOR OF1 indicates:
  • CA—Canada
  • TOR—Toronto
  • OF1—Office 1
Note: The code is case-sensitive. It must be all UPPER CASE letters.

The county code and child location code should be alphanumeric strings.

country = The 2-digit country code. This property is only supported for get location methods. Both
description = The description of the location. Both
localizedname = The name of the location in your local language. For example, for Tokyo Office 1 in Japan, you can enter 東京オフィス1 in Japanese. If your location name contains diacritic marks, you can enter the name with diacritic marks in this field as well. For example, Montréal. Both
subDivision = The ISO 1-3 character alphabetic and/or numeric code for the administrative division of the country. Both
latitude = The geographical coordinate showing the north-south position of the location. Both
longitude = The geographical coordinate showing the east-west position of the location. Both