Merge Selected Blocks or Networks - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Merges specified IPv4 blocks or IPv4 networks into a single IPv4 block or IPv4 network. The list of objects to be merged must all be of the same type (for example, all blocks or all networks). The objects must all have the same parent and must be contiguous.

Output / Response


API call:

void mergeSelectedBlocksOrNetworks ( long[] blockOrNetworkIds, long blockOrNetworkToKeep )
Parameter Description
blockOrNetworkIds An array containing a list of IPv4 block or network IDs.
Note: If you are invoking this API using a RESTful implementation, this parameter must be passed in the body.
blockOrNetworkToKeep The ID of the IPv4 block or IPv4 network that will retain its identity after the merge.

REST example

POST http://<bam_ip>/Services/REST/v1/mergeSelectedBlocksOrNetworks?blockOrNetworkToKeep=100915
Authorization: <bam_auth_token>
Content-Type: application/json