Move Deployment Roles - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

Moves all DNS and DHCP deployment roles from a server to the specified interface of another server.

Note: You CANNOT move deployment roles if the target server has deployment roles associated with it. You MUST remove all deployment roles assigned to the target server before moving the roles.
Note: Either the moveDnsRoles or moveDhcpRoles parameter must be set to true.
API Call:
Output / Response


void moveDeploymentRoles( long sourceServerId, long targetServerInterfaceId, boolean moveDnsRoles, boolean moveDhcpRoles, String options )
Parameter Description
sourceServerId The object ID of the server that contains the roles.
targetServerInterfaceId The object ID of the server interface of the server to which the roles are to be moved.
moveDnsRoles If set to true, DNS roles will be moved to the target server interface.
moveDhcpRoles If set to true, DHCP roles will be moved to the target server interface.
options This is reserved for future use.