POST /v1/addIP4NetworkTemplate - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.1.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager


Add an IPv4 network template to the specified configuration.


Name Description

Location: query

Type: integer (int64)

The object ID of the configuration where you wish to add the IPv4 template.

Location: query

Type: string

The name of the IPv4 network template. This value cannot be empty or null.

Location: query

Type: string

A string containing the offset for the gateway address and reservedAddresses property (both optional). The gateway offset is used to set the IPv4 gateway address assignment, counted up from the network address. If there is a negative sign in front of the gateway offset, the gateway offset will be counted backwards from the broadcast address. For example, a value of 1 will assign the gateway to the address immediately following the network address, and a value of -1 will assign the gateway to the address immediately preceding the broadcast address. If not provided, the gateway address will be set to the default value of 1. The reservedAddresses property is used to set reserved addresses, DHCP ranges, and IP groups. Refer to Reference: network template properties for the reservedAddresses parameters.
Example properties string:


Code Description

Type: number

Returns the object ID of the new IPv4 network template.