POST /v1/updateBulkUdf - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.2.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager


Updates values of various user-defined fields (UDFs) for different objects.


Name Description

Location: formData

Type: file

The file to be used to update UDFs. The file is passed to Address Manager as an octet-stream of the CSV file contents. The file must follow the following pattern:
  • EntityId - The object ID of the entity on which the UDF needs to be updated. You must enter this into the first column.
  • UDFName - The actual name of the UDF that needs to be updated. You must enter this into the second column.
  • newUDFValue - The new value of the UDF which needs to be updated on the entity. You must enter this into the third column.
  • The file format should be CSV.
  • The file should not contain any header.
  • The data should start from the first line.
  • To include any special characters, users need to escape the data.

Location: query

Type: string

Reserved for future use.


Code Description

Type: Array of number

Returns a CSV file containing the respective line number in the input CSV file and the reason for the failure identified by the system.