REST API - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager now supports REST APIs to access Address Manager along with conventional SOAP APIs.

This section describes BlueCat's RESTful API implementation such as the invoking format, how to authenticate and authorize, and REST API samples and limitations.

  • BlueCat REST APIs support communication over HTTP and HTTPS.

  • JSON format supported for sending and receiving data.

REST API format

You can access all BlueCat REST APIs by appending known methods to the base URL http://<AddressManager_IP or hostname>/Services/REST/v1/<api_method_name>

For example, to invoke the getSystemInfo method, you need to enter:

Web Application Description Language (WADL)

The Address Manager REST API has an accessible WADL. You can access the WADL file by using http://<AddressManager_IP or hostname>/Services/REST/application.wadl

You can use the WADL file to check various parameters of the API such as:
  • API signatures
  • HTTP methods (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) for specific calls
  • API request parameters and datatype
  • Response datatype and media types