Re-apply Template - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

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BlueCat Address Manager

Reapplies IPv4 network templates. The template must already be applied to an object before you can re-apply or remove it.

Output / Response


API call:

void reapplyTemplate ( long templateId,String properties )
Parameter Description
templateId The object ID of the IPv4 network template or DNS zone template to be assigned or updated.
properties A string containing the following settings:
  • The properties value must include ObjectProperties.templateType with the value of ObjectProperties.IP4NetworkTemplateType or ObjectProperties.zoneTemplateType.
  • To re-apply the network gateway in a IPv4 network template, include ObjectProperties.gatewayReapplyMode. This is optional.
  • If the re-apply mode is not specified in the properties, the default ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeIgnore mode is used.
  • The available re-apply modes include:
    • ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeUpdate
    • ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeIgnore
    • ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeOverwrite
  • ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeOverwrite is not applicable for Gateway and Reserved Addresses. Use ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeUpdate instead to update.
  • ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeUpdate is not applicable for Reserved DHCP Ranges, IP Groups and Zone Templates. Use ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeOverwrite instead to update.
  • Both ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeUpdate and ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeOverwrite are applicable for Deployment Options.

Java client example

EntityProperties ntProp = new EntityProperties();
ntProp.addProperty( ObjectProperties.templateType, 
ObjectProperties.IP4NetworkTemplateType );
ntProp.addProperty( ObjectProperties.gatewayReapplyMode, 
ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeUpdate );
ntProp.addProperty( ObjectProperties.reservedAddressesReapplyMode, 
ObjectProperties.templateReapplyModeUpdate );
service.reapplyTemplate( networkTemplateId3, ntProp.getPropertiesString() );

Perl client example

SOAP::Data->type( 'string' )->name( 'properties' )->
value( ObjectProperties::templateType."=".ObjectProperties:: 
ObjectProperties:: gatewayReapplyMode."=".ObjectProperties:: 
templateReapplyModeUpdate."|" )
->attr({xmlns => ''}) )->result;