Resize Range - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Changes the size of an IPv4 block, IPv4 network, DHCPv4 range, IPv6 block or IPv6 network.

Output / Response


API call:

void resizeRange ( long objectId, String range, String options )
Parameter Description
objectId The ID of the object to be resized. Currently IPv4 block, IPv4 network, DHCPv4 range, IPv6 Block and IPv6 Network are supported.
range The new size for the object to be resized.

For the IPv4 block, IPv4 network or DHCPv4 range, specify the size in CIDR notation or as an address range in the ipAddressStart-ipAddressEnd format.

For the IPv6 block or IPv6 network, specify the size in Starting address/Size format.

options A string containing the following options:
  • ObjectProperties.convertOrphanedIPAddressesTo
    Note: This option applies only to DHCPv4 range.
    The possible values are:
    • STATIC
    For example:
    service.resizeRange( <rangeID>, <"ipAddressStart-ipAddressEnd">, "convertOrphanedIPAddressesTo=<value>" );
    • If the value is an empty string (""), the default is DHCP_RESERVED.
    • If the option value is incorrect, an exception will be thrown.
    • If the option name is incorrect, the option will be ignored. Therefore, orphaned IP addresses will remain as assigned.