ResponsePolicySearchResult - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.1.0

Address Manager API Guide

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BlueCat Address Manager


Represents the response policy items that are configured either in local response policies or BlueCat Security feed data.


Property name Description Data type Read-only
name The name of the response policy item. string No
policyType The type of response policy. For example, whitelist, blacklist, redirect, or blackhole. string No
parentIds Comma-separated values of the parent response policy or response policy zone (RPZ) object(s) ID. If the policy item is associated with a response policy, it is the response policy object ID. If the policy item is associated with BlueCat Security feed data, it is the RPZ object ID. string No
category The name of the BlueCat Security feed category associated with the policy item. For example, malicious, spam, or botnet command and control. For local response policy items, this will be null. string No
configId The object ID of the parent configuration in which the response policy item is configured. integer (int64) No


    "name": "...",
    "policyType": "...",
    "parentIds": "...",
    "category": "...",
    "configId": 12345