Selective Deployment - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Creates a differential deployment task to deploy changes made to specific DNS entities, such as resource records, to a managed DNS/DHCP Server.

Attention: You can only selectively deploy resource records to DNS/DHCP Servers operating on v8.3.2 or greater.
Attention: You must perform a full DNS deployment before proceeding to use the selective deployment API method.

Returns a token string value of the deployment task.

Note: The selectiveDeploy method performs pre-deployment validation on resource records before they are deployed. If the validation of any resource record fails, the deployment also fails.

API call:

String selectiveDeploy ( long[] entityIds, String properties )
Parameter Description
entityIds A list of entity IDs that specify the DNS entities to deploy. Currently, only DNS resource records are supported.
Note: Restrictions:
  • You can only deploy a maximum of 100 DNS entities per selective deployment API call.
  • You cannot deploy dynamic records.
  • You cannot deploy external host records.
  • You cannot deploy resource records if they belong to multiple DNS/DHCP Servers.
properties A string containing the following deployment option:
  • scope—a string value. This defines whether the deployment task includes objects that are related to the defined DNS resource records. The scope can be one of the following values:
    • related—deploys the DNS resource records defined in the entityIds list as well as DNS resource records that are related to those entities. For more information on additional entities that are deployed when the related scope is defined, refer to Reference: Selective Deployment Related Scope.
    • specific—deploys only the DNS resource records that are defined in the entityIds list.
    Note: The default value is related.