Unlink Entities - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Removes the link between two specified Address Manager entities.

Output / Response


This method works on the following types of objects and links:
Type of entity for entity1Id Type of entity for entity2Id Result
Any entity Tag Removes the tag linked to the entity.
Tag Any entity Removes the entities from the object tag.
MACPool MACAddress Removes the MAC address from the MAC pool.
MACAddress MACPool Removes the MAC pool from the MAC address.
User UserGroup Removes the user group from the user.
UserGroup User Removes the user from the user group.
Location IP or server object Removes the location from an object.
IP or server object Location Removes the location from an object.
Server Group Server Applies a server to a Server Group object.
Server Server Group Applies a Server Group to a server object.
Note: To obtain the object ID of the Deny MAC pool, use the getEntityByName() method.
For example:
  • entity = service.getEntityByName( <parentId>, <name>, "DenyMACPool" );

API call:

void unlinkEntities ( long entity1Id, long entity2Id, String properties )
Parameter Description
entity1Id The object ID of the first entity in the pair of linked entities.
entity2Id The object ID of the second entity in the pair of linked entities.
properties Adds object properties, including user-defined fields.