Update Bulk User-defined Field - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager API Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

Updates values of various UDFs for different objects.

Output / Response
Returns a CSV file containing the following information:
The respective line number in the input CSV file. This appears in the first column in the output CSV file.
The reason for the failure identified by the system. This appears in the second column in the output CSV file.
Note: An empty CSV file will be returned when all the rows in the input CSV file were processed successfully.

API call:

byte[] updateBulkUdf ( byte[] data, String properties )
Note: If you are not using a Java client, you must use the variable types in the WSDL file. The byte[] variable is mapped to base64Binary in WSDL.
Parameter Description
data The file to be used to update UDFs. The file is passed to Address Manager as a byte array that is the stream of the CSV file contents. The file must follow the following pattern:
  • EntityId - The object ID of the entity on which the UDF needs to be updated. This must be entered into the first column.
  • UDFName - The actual name of the UDF that needs to be updated. This must be entered into the second column.
  • newUDFValue - The new value of the UDF which needs to be updated on the entity. This must be entered into the third column.
  • The file format should be CSV.
  • The file should not contain any header.
  • The data should start from the first line.
  • To include any special characters, users need to escape the data.
properties Reserved for future use.