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BlueCat Address Manager

Provides an example how the update method can be used in Java and Perl.

In this example, an existing shared network is passed to a configuration object as a parameter. After the values in the object or properties string have been set, the update() method modifies the value in the Address Manager database. Property values can be a string, long, or integer value. Address Manager uses the appropriate method to process the data for that property.

Java example

This example uses Java to return a managed server as an APIEntity, get the properties for the server, add a connected property with the value true, set the properties for the server, and then update the server.
// Get the object, here Server
		APIEntity server = service.getEntityByName(config.getId(), serverName, ObjectTypes.Server);
		// Get the current properties & add a new property
		EntityProperties props = new EntityProperties(server.getProperties());
		props.addProperty(ObjectProperties.connected, "true");
		// Set the changed properties on the object & send it to server to update

Perl example

This example uses Perl to update an external host record.
my $externalHostRecord = $service->getEntityById( SOAP::Data->type( 'long' )-> 
name( 'id' )->
value( $externalHostRecordId )->
attr({xmlns => ''}) ) ->result;
$externalHostRecord = BAMConnection->blessAPIEntity( "object" => $externalHostRecord );
$externalHostRecord->set_name( "external2.host2.com" );
$service->update( SOAP::Data->type( 'APIEntity' )-> 
name( 'entity' )->
value( $externalHostRecord )-> attr({xmlns => ''}) );