Adding static routes - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Add static routes in Address Manager or managed DNS/DHCP Servers from Network Configuration mode to improve routing efficiency. This task describes how to add a static route via IPv4/IPv6 address.

  • The netmask must be entered in CIDR notation.
  • If adding an IPv4 network segment, you can't enter
  • If adding an IPv6 network segment, you can't enter 0::0.
  • The via address must be on the same subnet as the Service or Management interface.
  • The via address can't be the network gateway.

To add a static route to the routing table via IPv4/IPv6 address:

  1. From Main Session mode, type configure network and press ENTER.
  2. Type add static-route network <ipv4/ipv6network_segment/netmask> via-address <ipv4/ipv6address> and press ENTER.
  3. Type save and press ENTER. The Administration Console saves your settings.
IPv4 example:
Proteus> configure network
Proteus:configure:network> add static-route network via-
Proteus:configure:network> save
IPv6 example:
Adonis> configure network
Adonis:configure:network> add static-route network 2001:db8::AC10:FE01/64
via-address 2001:db8::1
Adonis:configurenetwork> save