Address Manager Polled Objects - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.2.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Lists the Address Manager-specific SNMP polled-objects.

The following table lists the Address Manager-specific SNMP polled-objects in the file BAM-SNMP-MIB.txt.

Each Address Manager MIB OID (object identifier) begins with the following prefix:

. (

All Address Manager object IDs begin with the same prefix, but it is omitted from the OID column below.

SNMP Object OID Description
.app .100.210.1 Address Manager application objects container
.common . Address Manager common application objects container
.version . Version of Address Manager
.startTime . Address Manager application start-up date and time
.notificationMessage . Trap-specific notification message
.database . Address Manager database objects container
.maxPoolSize . Maximum number of database connections maintained at any given time
.numConnections . Number of database connections currently in use
.deployer . Address Manager deployer objects container
.serverCountInQueue . Number of servers that have deployments currently queued
.executingServerCount . Number of servers that have active deployments
.numberOfTasks . Number of deployer tasks
.eventNotification . Address Manager event notification objects container
.queueCount . Number of event notifications currently queued
.reconciliation . Address Manager reconciliation objects container
.poolSize . Pool size of the reconciliation service
.scheduledDeployer . Address Manager scheduled deployer objects container
.numOfTimers . Total number of defined scheduled deployment tasks
.running . Defines whether the deployment scheduler is running
.scheduledTaskService . Address Manager scheduled task service objects container
.queueSize . Number of currently scheduled report tasks
.replication . Address Manager replication objects container
.walFilesTotalSize . Total size of accumulated WAL files (in megabytes). When the Address Manager server is a Standby or Standalone server, the value returned is 0.
.notification . Address Manager notification objects container
.messagesReceived . Number of notification messages received
.messagesAccepted . Number of notification messages accepted
.ackSent . Number of notification messages acknowledged
.messagesProcessed . Number of notification messages processed
.JVM .100.210.3 JVM objects container
.freeMemory . Total amount of free memory in the Java Virtual Machine (in kilobytes)
.maxMemory . Maximum amount of free memory in the Java Virtual Machine (in kilobytes)
.gcTime . Time taken to complete the last garbage collection operation (in seconds)
.usageThresholdExceeded . Defines whether the Java Virtual Machine virtual memory limit has been exceeded
.activeThreadCount . Number of currently active Java threads
.traps .100.210.255 Address Manager trap objects container
.bamMsgTrap . Generic trap sent from Address Manager