Address types - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.2.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager uses different icons to show the state and functionality of different types of IP addresses.

  • Available addresses—appear as white icons. These addresses are available and unassigned.
  • Network ID and broadcast addresses—appear as red icons. These addresses are usually the first and last addresses in the network, respectively.
  • Gateway addresses—appear as yellow icons. These addresses are network gateway (router) addresses.
  • Static addresses—appear as blue icons. These addresses are statically assigned hosts and are only used for DNS purposes.
  • Reserved addresses—appear as green icons. These addresses are reserved for future use. While reserved, the address cannot be assigned a DNS host name and cannot be deployed to DHCP.
  • DHCP assigned addresses—appear as blue icons with a star. These addresses are dynamically assigned through DHCP to the given MAC address.
  • DHCP unassigned address—appear as white icons with a star. These addresses are part of a DHCP range, but have not yet been assigned to a host.
  • DHCP free addresses—appear as white icons with a star and information symbol. These addresses were dynamically assigned through DHCP but are now in a free or unallocated state.
  • DHCP reserved addresses—appear as green icons with a star. These addresses represent DHCP reservations, and may not yet be assigned to a host. These addresses can be inside or outside of a DHCP range.
  • DHCP excluded addresses—appear as white icons with a star and a diagonal line. These addresses will not be assigned dynamically from a Windows DHCP server.