Applying a DNS access control list - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

After creating a DNS access control list (ACL), it can be referenced when adding DNS deployment options and DNS64 declaration(s).

To apply a DNS ACL:

  1. From the configuration drop-down menu, select a configuration.
  2. Select the DNS tab. Tabs remember the page you last worked on, so select the tab again to ensure you're on the Configuration information page.
  3. Navigate to the level at which you want to set a DNS deployment option and click the Deployment Options tab.
  4. Under Deployment Options, click New and select DNS Option.
  5. Under General, select the necessary option from the Option drop-down menu, then select the ACL option. Once you select the ACL option from the list, the ACL drop-down menu will be populated.
  6. Select an ACL from the list and click Add.
Address Manager validates that the information is correct and adds the newly created DNS deployment option to the database, displaying the Deployment Options page. For more information about DNS deployment options, refer to DNS deployment options.