BlueCat Address Manager for Windows Server - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

This chapter describes how to use BlueCat Address Manager for Windows Server (DDW) software and DDW servers to manage Windows DNS and DHCP servers in Address Manager. Additional topics include managing Windows DNS and Windows DHCP.

Note: Documentation for BlueCat Address Manager for Windows Server will include reference to Proteus DDW to reflect elements of the software and user interface.
  • BlueCat Address Manager for Windows Server v8.2.0 (DDW 8.2.0) is NOT compatible with Address Manager v8.1.1 or earlier. BlueCat strongly advises all DDW customers upgrading to Address Manager v9.0.0 to also upgrade to DDW v8.2.0 to ensure proper continuity of services and functionality.
  • Before managing a DDW server with Address Manager v9.0.0, you must first enable the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocol on Address Manager. For more information, refer to KI-023394 on BlueCat Customer Care.
  • When adding a new DDW server to Address Manager v9.0.0, it can only be a DDW v8.2.0 server, not a DDW v8.1.1 server (or earlier). A DDW v8.1.1 server that is already under Address Manager control will continue to function normally upon upgrade to Address Manager v9.0.0 however, you will not be able to replace the DDW v8.1.1 server nor can you add new Windows servers. Upgrading to DDW v8.2.0 removes this limitation and ensures continued functionality with Address Manager v9.0.0.