Chains of Servers - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.2.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Deploy a chain of DNS servers for a zone.

For example, you have a master DNS server on a provider’s premises, a slave server in your DMZ connected to Internet, and you want another slave server in your productive network. This server receives zone transfers from the server in the DMZ (not from the provider).

To deploy a chain of servers:

  1. Create a zone called, and then assign a Master DNS role to server A.
  2. In same zone, assign a Slave role to server B and then specify server A as a source of zone transfers.
  3. In same zone assign a Slave role to server C and then specify server B as a source of zone transfers.
  4. Deploy this configuration to three managed Windows servers in the Read-Write mode. Servers A and B deploy and work well, but on server C the zone appears in the not loaded condition, showing that it is not working.

This condition arises from the current rules of Slave deployment. Address Manager adds Allow Transfer and Also Notify options into the deployment XML for a Master server, but it does not add them for a Slave server.