Changing server authentication credentials - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

If you have changed the authentication credentials on the Windows server, you must change the credentials in Address Manager as well.

All authentication changes must be performed on Windows first and then on Address Manager, because Address Manager verifies the authentication during Add or Edit operations. Notifications from a Managed Windows server stop immediately if the authentication credentials change on that server, and they restart only after you have modified Address Manager so it matches the credentials in Windows.

To change the Authentication Credentials of a Managed Windows server:

  • If the Managed Windows servers inherit their credentials from the DDW server, make the changes on the DDW server.
  • If a Managed Windows server does not inherit credentials from the DDW server, make the changes directly on the Managed Windows server.
Note: A Cannot connect to server message may appear under certain conditions:
  • If the authentication credentials are incorrect.
  • If the selected services are not running on the target server.
  • If the selected server is unreachable.
Note: If you update the permissions of the Windows account used to manage DNS and DHCP services, you must restart the Address Manager DNS and DHCP manager service on the DDW server. This ensures that Address Manager can recognize the elevated permission level.