Configuration mode - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

You can configure various fundamental system settings from Configuration Mode.

The following items can be configured from Configuration Mode:
  • additional
  • database
  • firewall
  • interfaces
  • jmx
  • license
  • mail
  • name-server
  • network
  • querylogging
  • serial
  • system
  • system-time
  • users
When you enter configuration mode, the Administration Console prompt changes to indicate the item being configured. For example, if you want to set an IP address, you must run the configure interfaces command. The prompt indicates that you are in Configuration Mode and that you are configuring the interfaces context:
Proteus> configure interfaces

Entering configuration mode

  • From Main Session mode, type configure and press Tab or ENTER to view a list of configurable items.
  • Type ? to view a description of each configurable item:
  • Type configure <item> and press ENTER to configure commands and parameters for that item.
  • Once in the configuration mode for a particular item/context, type ? to view an example of the required values for that item/context. For example:
    Proteus> configure interfaces
    Proteus:configure:interfaces> modify eth0
    Proteus:configure:interfaces:eth0> set address ?
        IP address AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD where each part is in the range 0-255 Interface IP
    Proteus:configure:interfaces:eth0> set address

Exiting configuration mode

Type exit and press Enter. All changes are discarded if you don't save them before you exit.

Saving or discarding Configuration Mode changes

Changes made in configuration mode don't take effect until you save them. You can review your changes before saving them. If you aren't satisfied with your changes or if you discover an error, you can reset the items or discard the changes and start again.

Use the following commands to review, save changes or discard changes and return to Main Session mode:
  • Reviewing unsaved changes—in a specific configuration mode, such as network configuration mode, to review all unsaved changes type show unsaved and press ENTER. The Administration Console shows the unsaved changes for that area.
  • Saving changes—to save your changes and return to Main Session mode, type save and press ENTER.
  • Discarding Changes—to discard your changes and return to Main Session mode, type exit and press ENTER.