Configuring DNS/DHCP Server services on an xHA pair - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity
The following table lists the configuration DNS/DHCP Server services and indicates whether the service can be configured on DNS/DHCP Servers operating in an xHA pair:
DNS/DHCP Server service Supported on xHA Additional information
Additional IP addresses No  
Anycast No  
BlueCat Gateway No  
DNS Activity Yes  
DNS Edge Service Point No  
DNS name servers Yes  
DNS/DHCP Server firewall Partially The Allow Ping option is not supported for DNS/DHCP Servers operating in an xHA pair.*
NTP Yes  
SNMP Yes  
SSH No  
Syslog redirection Yes  

*Applying this option to an xHA pair will only affect the current active server. Configure Allow Ping settings on DNS/DHCP servers individually before pairing. To work with an existing xHA pair, users can configure Allow Ping on the active, perform a failover, then configure it again on the new active.

For more information on configuring individual DNS/DHCP Server services, refer to Configuring DNS/DHCP Server services.