Configuring IPv6 addresses when adding a DNS/DHCP Server - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

You can configure an IPv6 address when adding a new server to Address Manager.

Attention: Address Manager v9.3.0 supports managed DNS/DHCP Servers running software version 9.1.0 or greater. Upgrade the DNS/DHCP Server software version to version 9.1.0 or greater if you are running older versions of DNS/DHCP Server software.

Customers using DHCPv6 must upgrade their managed servers to DNS/DHCP Server v9.1.0 or greater when upgrading to Address Manager v9.3.0 to use DHCPv6 without issues.

Note: Configure IPv6 addresses from the DNS/DHCP Server Administration Console ONLY if needing to configure multiple IPv6 addresses. For details on configuring IPv6 through the Administration Console, refer to Setting an IPv6 address.

To configure IPv6 addresses when adding a DNS/DHCP Server to Address Manager:

  1. From the DNS/DHCP Server Administration Console, configure an IPv4 address to the Management Interface (eth2) and set the default gateway. If running a multi-interface DNS/DHCP Server, enable dedicated management.
  2. In Address Manager, add the server and configure an IPv6 address and Subnet to the Service interface. For details, refer to Adding DNS/DHCP Servers to Address Manager.
  3. Deploy your configuration to the server.