Configuring IPv6 when replacing a DNS/DHCP Server - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.2.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

You can also configure an IPv6 address when replacing a server in Address Manager.

Note: Configure IPv6 addresses from the DNS/DHCP Server Administration Console ONLY if needing to configure multiple IPv6 addresses. For details on configuring IPv6 through the Administration Console, refer to Setting an IPv6 address.

To configure IPv6 when replacing a DNS/DHCP Server:

  1. In Address Manager, disable the server.
  2. From the DNS/DHCP Server Administration Console, reset the DNS/DHCP Server from Address Manager control.
  3. In Address Manager, replace the server and configure an IPv6 address and Subnet to the Service interface. The replacement server must be running software version 8.0.0 or greater in order to ensure proper continuity and functionality of services. For details, refer to Replacing a server.
  4. Deploy your configuration to the server.