Configuring MAC pool options - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

After you have created and populated one or more MAC pools, you can control IP address allocation using Address Manager deployment options.

Address Manager uses DHCP Service deployment options to allow or deny members of a MAC pool from receiving DHCP services. For example, if you wanted to deny hosts within a specific pool of MAC addresses from receiving IP addresses, you would assign the Deny MAC Pools option at the appropriate level.

MAC pool deployment options are added as service level deployment options and can be added at any level a service level option can be added. There are three MAC pool options:
  • Allow MAC Pools—explicitly allows the MAC pool or pools access to DHCP services wherever it's set. It also denies all other MAC addresses from receiving an IP address from DHCP. (For example: Allow Few, Deny Many)
  • Deny MAC Pools—denies DHCP services to the specific MAC pool (For example: Deny Few, Allow Many)
  • Deny Unknown MAC Addresses—By default, unknown MAC addresses are allowed access to DHCP services. By setting this option, unknown MAC addresses are denied. Only MAC addresses that have been added as DHCP reserved addresses are allowed access to DHCP if this option is set. As with the previous options, this option can be set at various levels within a configuration.