Configuring Server Interfaces - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Address Manager can have multiple IP addresses and thus multiple interfaces assigned to its Ethernet connection. These interfaces can be used to provide extra functionality such as DNS views, xHA, and NAT traversal.

Beyond the default or physical interface used on each server, there are two other kinds of interfaces:
  • Virtual interfaces are used and managed by Address Manager to represent DNS and to address Address Manager appliances in an xHA configuration.
  • Published interfaces are used to associate addresses that may be on the other side of a NAT gateway or a firewall. These interfaces associate data sent to their IP address back to the appropriate managed server. Published interfaces can be added for single servers and xHA clusters.

During an import, Address Manager always assigns the deployment role to the network interface, even if the server is on the other side of an NAT device. As a result, you need to manually create a published interface for any Windows servers behind a NAT device and assign the deployment role to that published interface. For more details on managing Windows servers in Address Manager, refer to BlueCat Address Manager for Windows Server.