Configuring Shared Networks - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

How to configure shared networks in Address Manager in order to deploy superscopes to Managed Windows servers.

To configure shared networks, you must create tag groups and share the networks when you import data from Managed Windows servers. Address Manager imports only the individual scopes as networks along with DHCP child objects. You need to configure superscopes as shared networks.

Note: A shared network includes at least two IP network objects.

To configure shared networks:

  1. Select the Groups tab. The Groups page opens
  2. Under Tag Groups, click New. The Add Tag Group page opens.
  3. Under Name, enter a name for the shared network tag group.
    Tip: BlueCat Networks recommends a name such as Shared Networks, or Superscopes.
  4. Click Add. The new tag group appears in the Tag Groups page.
  5. Click the new tag group. The tag group details page opens with the Tags tab selected.
  6. Click New. The Add Tag page opens.
  7. In the Name field, enter a name for the shared network tag.
  8. Click Add. The new tag appears on the Tags page.
  9. Select the IP Space tab. The Configuration information page opens.
  10. Select the Details tab.
  11. Click the configuration name, then select Edit. The Edit Configuration page opens.
  12. Click the Associate Shared Network Tag Group link. The Select Shared Network window appears.
  13. Select the option for the shared network tag group you created in step 12, then click Select.
  14. Click Update. The configuration is now associated with the shared network tag group.
  15. Navigate to an IP network that is to be part of the shared network.
  16. Click the network name, then select Share. The Select Tag window opens.
    Note: The Share option is not available until you associate an object tag with a configuration as described above.
  17. Select a tag, then click Add.
  18. Repeat steps 15 through 17 to add other IP networks to the shared network.
    For more information on shared networks, refer to Shared networks.