Configuring database replication from the Address Manager user interface - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.1

Address Manager Administration Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

How to perform database replication.

Configure settings for the Primary and Standby servers used in database replication.

To configure database replication:

  1. Select the Administration tab. Tabs remember the page you last worked on, so select the tab again to ensure you're on the Administration page.
  2. Under Database Management, click Database Management. The Database Management page opens.
  3. Click Database Replication. The Database Replication page opens.
  4. Click the Database Replication menu and select Configure. The Configure Database Replication page opens.
  5. Under Configure Database Replication, set the following database replication parameters:
    • Primary Server—displays the IP address for the server on which you are enabling database replication. This server becomes the Primary server.
    • Standby Server 1—enter the IP address for another Address Manager server. This server becomes the first Standby server.
    • Specify Optional Standby Server 2—select to specify an optional Standby server. When you select this check box, the Standby Server 2 field appears.
    • Standby Server 2—enter the IP address for another Address Manager server. This server becomes the second Standby database server.
    • Compress Replication Files (Warning: CPU Intensive)—select to compress the database replication files. Use compression when you have concerns about the network bandwidth between the Primary server and the Standby server or servers.
      Note: Compressing the database replication files is a resource-intensive process and may affect overall performance.
    • Replication Queue Threshold (MB)—enter a value to specify the threshold size of the replication directory, in megabytes (MB). When the total size of the files in the replication data directory reaches this size, Address Manager sends an SNMP trap to warn you that replication files may be accumulating on the Primary server and are not being replicated to the Standby server. The minimum value for this field is 16 MB; the default value is 1550 MB.
      Note: To establish database replication again, refer to Resetting database replication.
    • Replication Break Threshold (GB)—enter a value to specify the threshold size of the replication break, in gigabytes (GB). When the total size of WAL files reaches this size, Address Manager creates a replication_break file in /data/pgdata directory, waits for 10 minutes, then breaks replication. The value ranges for this field range between 5 GB and 30 GB; the default value is 5 GB.
  6. Under Change Control, add comments, if required.
  7. Click Continue. The Database Replication Configure Confirmation page opens.
  8. Click Confirm. The Response page opens. The Address Manager web interface is unavailable for a few minutes while the server restarts.
  9. After the server restarts, click OK to log in to the Address Manager user interface.